"Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." Matthew 28:18-20

The command of Jesus is clear, "Go and make disciples of all nations..." Missions have been a part of the DNA of Christian Life Church from the very beginning. Whether its sending people out, building churches, constructing orphanages, short term missions trips, or our significant financial partnership; we are active in the Kingdom work work at home and around the world. From our backyard in Mount Prospect and Chicago to the other side of the world, Christian Life is active in sharing the Gospel on almost every continent. As a church, we want to do our very best to follow Jesus' command to reach the world.

  • Higher Up Ministries

    Higher Up Ministries is operated by Rod & Jan McKenzie. Higher Up exists to minister to youth and families in under-supported areas. Higher Up provides a drop in community center in Mount Prospect, Bible studies, small groups, retreats, and does a lot of outreach work in the Boxwood community. You can read more about their ministry here.


  • Abundant Life Association

    Founded by Pastor Eldon & Twyla Tracy in 1997, Abundant Life Association focuses on ministering in Portuguese speaking nations. While stateside, Pastor Eldon also coordinates food packs that are sent to the Philippines. You can contact Pastor Eldon & Twyla here.

  • Deer Ridge Ministries

    David & Louise Decker work at Deer Ridge Ministries in Freeport, Illinois. Deer Ridge Ministries was formed to encourage and personally minister to pastors in full time ministry. They provide, by faith, excellent retreat facilities where pastors and spouses can rest and enjoy the presence of God without having to worry about any financial obligation. You can learn more about Deer Ridge here.


  • Addie Murphy

    Addie Murphy, originally from the UK, emigrated to the US when she was 20 years old. Passionate about taking the message of the Gospel to the far ends of the earth, she travelled to Russia as a short term missionary for the first time in 2000, returning at every opportunity. Addie ended her career as a professional singer in 2007 to serve full time in Eastern Europe with Mission Possible. Now back on US soil, she serves as the US Coordinator for Mission Possible, connecting with supporters and raising awareness of the needs of the ministry. Addie lives in Moody, Alabama with her husband Bo, their daughter Riley and dogs Dixie and Tucker. Contact Addie here.

  • South Chicago Christian Center

    Tom & Faith Kennington serve at the South Chicago Christian Center, on the south side of Chicago. SCCC has a center where teens and families can drop in for fellowship and free meals a couple nights a week. They also have a church service for the community every Saturday night, and host job readiness programs for the community. You can contact Tom here.


  • Shepherd's Fortress Ministries

    David & Tracey Revelle are based in the Nashville, TN area. David served as a pastor in Iowa for almost 20 years, and God placed on his heart a burden for pastors and their families. Shepherd’s Fortress Ministries exists to provide support and encouragement to pastors and their families. To learn more about Shepherd's Fortress Ministries, you can contact David here.


  • Prison Ministry

    There is a multi-faceted prison ministry here at CLC! We send monthly to support an inmate at an Illinois prison who has become a Pastor to his fellow inmates. Our prison ministry team writes letters to inmates, provides training and Bibles at the prison, and helps people get basic items like clothes and toiletries when they are released from prison. We also participate in the Angel Tree program every year. You can contact the prison ministry leaders here.

  • The Kid's Pantry

    The Kid's Pantry provides gently used clothing, equipment, and toys to the community that they have received from other community member donations. The Kid's Pantry is open every Wednesday from 10AM-2PM (unless otherwise noted) to get what you need for your children! A photo ID and a $5 donation is requested. If you would like to donate your gently used kids items, all donations are tax deductible and can be dropped off 24/7 around the back of the church. You can click here to go to their website.


  • Harvest Now Ministries

    Dr. Paul and Eileen Allyn are longtime apostolic  missionaries to the Dominican Republic, where they have ministries established that focus on church planting, women’s ministry, early childhood education, and marketplace ministry. You can contact Dr. Allyn here.

  • John & Marge Gudmundson

    John & Marge Gudmundson partner with Dr. Paul & Eileen Allyn in the work at Harvest Now Ministries in the Dominican Republic. They actively provide support in every area of Harvest Now and give special focus to the work with the children and running a children’s camp in the Santiago area. You can contact John & Marge here.

  • Latin America Ministries

    Latin American Ministries is a Christian Missionary Organization founded by Jesús and Angelica Angel who have been serving on the mission field since 1983. Recently, Angelica has lost her battle to cancer and went home to be with the Lord.

    Throughout their years of ministry, the Angel’s have hosted many short-term missions teams, which have helped over 100 churches with building projects and/or church plants in Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico. They are also active in training pastors for ministry. You can read more about LAM here.

  • Josh & Anne Angel

    Josh & Anne Angel joined Josh's parents, Jesús and Angelica Angel, in the work of Latin American Ministries. Josh & Anne are living and working in Guadalajara, Mexico. They will be involved with continuing a school building project as well as helping out in the local churches in the community. You can contact the Angel's here.


  • Carlos & Anita Olsson

    Carlos & Anita Olsson are stationed in Scandinavia for most of the year, however often go to Peru multiple times a year to do building projects. Carlos has been active in the ministry for over 30 years! They also work with a ministry called "Rehabilitation Based in Community," also in Peru. You can contact them via Lars Svensson here.

  • Esteban & May Romero

    Esteban & May are long term missionaries to Honduras. They have established hundreds of churches in the San Pedro Sula area since 1976. He has faced great peril at times, even once being held at gunpoint for ransom. However, his heart for the people of Honduras is very great and he and May have continued their work with the Lord's protection! You can contact them via Lars Svensson here.

  • Sustainable Action International

    Evens & Karina Paul are the co-founders of Sustainable Action International. SAI exists to bring the hope of Christ to Haiti by creating and cultivating a sustainable future. They accomplish their vision by working alongside the people of Haiti to provide for basic needs, support economic development, and cultivate discipleship. You can learn more about SAI here and contact Evens here.


  • Matt & Lina Reed

    After being part of the Christian Life Church family for many years, Matt & Lina Reed have been living and ministering in Tenancingo, Mexico for the past 8 years. Matt & Lina work through the local church and are active in family and children’s ministry in the small mountain community of Tenancingo. You can contact Matt & Lina here.

  • Will Go Ministries

    Will Go, Inc. is a ministry started by Larry and Jean Johnson, who left Iowa to answer a call that God had placed on their heart to go to the mission field. They began their work in Albania in 1993 and have since focused on China, Nigeria, and Liberia. They offer medical seminars as well as Bible school and elementary school teaching. You can visit their website here.


  • Dr. Matthew & Elizabeth Thomas

    Dr. Matthew Thomas is the President of Central India Outreach and the Central India Theological Seminary which are both in Itarsi, India. There is also the House of Hope orphanage on their property. Thousands of people and churches are ministered to annually through the Central India Outreach. We also help to support three Indian pastors serving local churches throughout the nation of India. You can read more about their work here and contact Dr. Thomas here.

  • Mission Possible

    Mission Possible is a Christian Missions and Aid organization that has been operating in Eastern Europe for 40 years. Mission Possible exists to equip the local Christians and Churches in Eastern Europe for works of service (Eph. 4:12) in order for them to more effectively reach suffering and searching people. They bring them the Gospel message, Biblical teaching and physical and social help. You can learn more about the impact Mission Possible is making in Eastern Europe here. You can contact Mission Possible here.


  • Refugees (World Vision)

    Due to a violent civil war, 6.5 million people in Syria have been displaced. 4.8 million Syrians had to leave their home country and are now refugees. Half of those affected by the crisis are children. All they want is to be safe, and to be able to go home. Conflict in Iraq, South Sudan, and Central African Republic is sending even more families on the run. They are at work in the most broken places - like Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, and the Central African Republic. Together, they are helping refugees and displaced families. They are sharing hope and God's love by providing food, clean water, healthcare, safe places for children to play, and more.

  • Africa Family Rescue (Ben & Melody Pahlow)

    Ben & Melody Pahlow met a Rwandan refugee in a small library in the suburbs of Chicago in 2002 and became enthralled by his story of survival in the Rwandan genocide. They have worked in Africa for almost 10 years in Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania. Their partnerships have helped build over 150 homes for widows and orphans, refurbished over 20 wells providing clean water, delivered thousands of animals, distributed over 5,000 life-saving mosquito nets, constructed a church and helped to establish micro businesses in nearly 700 families in and around Eastern Africa. You can contact the Pahlow's here.


  • Chris & Kayle Hardrick

    Chris & Kayle Hardrick work with eMi in Cambodia. eMi is a non-profit Christian organization made up of architects, engineers, and design professionals who use their skills to help children and families around the world step out of poverty and into a world of hope. They directly serve Christian ministries through designing development projects that are necessary for the ministries to function, grow, and thrive in their region. Each of the ministries eMi serves has a focus of helping the poor and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. eMi helps design projects like schools, hospitals, orphanages, bridges, clean water systems, and other technical designs. You can ready more about what they do in Cambodia here. You can contact the Hardick's here.