For over 30 years, Christian Life College has seen thousands of young people gather to celebrate Jesus on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday before Easter at their annual youth event, the Ascension Convention. Ascension brings together top-notch communicators and passionate worship artists for an amazing three day experience.

Over the years, Ascension has seen an incredible amount of Jr. High through College age students make life-changing decisions to follow Jesus. There’s no better place to spend the days leading up to Easter!

ELIGIBILITY: Junior High through College-age are welcome to attend.

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Christian Life College

400 E. Gregory Street
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056

Phone:  847.259.1840
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We are so excited for our AC Speakers and Worship Band for this year's AC! Reggie and Chris are two of the most anointed communicators to this generation and leading us in worship will be the AC Band from Christian Life College.

  • Reggie Dabbs  

    From being a “Problem” to an unwed teenager, Reggie is fast becoming one of the most in demand speakers who helps teenagers meet their problems head-on and overcome them. In his speaking engagements, he drives home the fact that “You can never change your past, but you can change your future!”

  • Chris Estrada  

    Raised in El Paso, TX it was no time at all till Chris found himself in a lifestyle of drugs, alcohol, lust, & trouble. He is now a voice impacting all generations. His roaring excitement and ability to address current issues with solid, life-changing truth makes him a dynamic communicator for everyone that hears him.

  • The Ascension Band  

    One of the core values of Christian Life College for the past 60 years has been acknowledging the Lordship of Jesus Christ through worship. Each year, students who love to worship Jesus and lead others to do the same, come together to develop a cohesive team to do this very thing. It is no different this year! The Ascension Band is bringing an exciting and challenging call to worship Jesus Christ!


For more than 60 years, God has been preparing some of the finest people to serve the cause of Christ through the ministry of Christian Life College. Christian Life College distinguishes itself academically through a highly respected faculty and challenging curriculum. When you walk on to the campus of Christian Life you’ll sense the warmth of the faculty, an excitement on the campus that’s infectious, and the presence of the Holy Spirit moving among our students.